Friday, 31 May 2013


Sunshine! · New Stitch phone case · Wagamama's is my favourite
Now I can watch Eddie whenever I damn well please · Fell in love with that guy off of Scream
Best gig. A$AP Rocky took his shirt off too. ·  #glasto2013

I watched Scream for the first time this month after I had finished my 'big worry' exams to unwind (although I suppose a horror probably isn't the most calming of films) and I think it's a new fave. Judge me. The only reasons being:
a) I love any 90's film
b)I fell in love with Billy Loomis. Trust me to go for the one who ends up being the crazed psycho killer.

This month was also rather musical, towards the end anyways. As you know, I saw A$AP Rocky and had an absolute blast. It was definitely one of my favourite gigs. I also went to my first festival last weekend. Granted, it was Glastonbudget as opposed to Glastonbury but it was so much fun nonetheless. It was a tribute festival so I got to see acts paying homage to the likes of Queen (front row, that's right), Arctic Monkeys, Kings Of Leon and The Killers. Oh, and I danced to a spot of Chiquittita by ABBA whilst I was highly intoxicated.

I have to say that The Killers, or rather 'The Fillers' was my favourite. Unlike Arctic Monkeys and Kings Of Leon, I wasn't involved in the mosh pit (NOTE: NEVER wear flip flops in a mosh pit, you will suffer). I used to listen to Day & Age all the time so a few memories came back when they played Dustland Fairytale. It was dark too and so the arena was just electric.

Overall, the weekend was fabulous. With a fairground, sunshine and mine and my friend Meghan's endless man hunt added to the mix, it couldn't get much better. I even got a tan / burn / my skin is now peeling. Roll on Boardmasters!


  1. i'm so jealous you saw a$ap rocky! hehehe <3

  2. Lovely photos! Looks like you had so much fun! :)

  3. you are someone amazing, I know it.

  4. I bet the festival was so fun! Great post.

  5. How bad is it that I still haven't seen Les Mis!?

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  6. I love your Iphone case! ;)


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