Sunday, 10 February 2013


I have been listening to Joey Bada$$ non-stop for the past two weeks. I first noticed him when I heard the track 1Train on A$AP Rocky's latest album and quickly got caught up in his 90's influenced sound. In a world where rap is seemingly dominated by songs based on money and hoes that include a phenomenal amount of scatalogical language, Joey presents a refreshing change in his lyrics with rhymes that: 1) make sense and 2) are pretty damn clever.

His mixtape 1999 dropped last Summer and features a variety of collabs with other members of Pro Era, a New York based group of artists that is spearheaded by Joey. His intellectual wordplay is evident throughout and he continually nods back to old school hip hop with his instrumentals. All this at only just eighteen years old is pretty fucking fabulous. He's pretty too.

Favourite Tracks: Survival Tactics, Hardknock, World Domination

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