Saturday, 12 January 2013


Kaleidoscope Dream is all I've been listening to recently. The album is a collation of a host of different music styles that blend to form a raw, intimate and soulful album from Miguel that presents a slight nod to retro. He particularly emphasises the intimacy of the record with many of the songs appearing as if he is singing directly to the listener, hence why he has an adoring legion of female fans. Not only producing songs about sensuality, Miguel also explores more raw issues. For example, Candles In The Sun is a track questioning today's social state, with the line "Say we're all created equal, that's what they teach us, but that ain't how we treat each other, truth is that we need each other". However, ever-present is the sense of psychedelia enveloping the melodies throughout. It's hard to choose favourites as the album as a whole is just hot stuff, and it clearly isn't just myself who thinks so as his multiple Grammy nominations would prove.
Enjoy this my friends, the live version is so so so good:

OMG we just started doing music from Les Miserables at band today, A$AP Rocky's album is out in three days and mum has bought a chocolate cake for tomorrow. AWESOME.

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