Saturday, 29 December 2012


Heeeere's Mollie.
How long has it been?! Since I've been gone, it has been pretty hectic...hence why I've been gone. I turned 17 at the beginning of December, had too much revision / school stuff to do and who can forget Christmas? I know, it's no excuse really, I hang my head in shame. I guess this is a bit of an update and a catch-up post.

So for ma burffday I didn't really have any celebration but I treated myself to a new piercing and got a ticket for Boardmasters WHICH I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT. It's in Cornwall and last year Rudimental played there so I have my fingers crossed that they do this year too! For Christmas I was delighted to get a new digital piano. I've paid my dues with an electric keyboard for five years now so you can't say I haven't earned it. I was considering getting a new phone but, in the long term, a piano is much less transient than the phone which would be replaced within twelve months. Also, to improve my Francais, I received the book of Les Miserables, accompanied by the entertainment of My Week With Marilyn DVD just so I can imagine Eddie Redmayne as Marius in the film adaptation that I cannot wait for.

Not much else has happened other than I watched my boxset of the Harry Potter series and fell slightly more in love with Rupert Grint. Oh! Did you see the Victoria's Secret fashion show? I love seeing all the gorgeous sequinned lingerie, and obviously the models. My favourite is Candice but British favourite Cara Delvingne made an appearance this year too! I don't think there is any young girl who doesn't wish she could walk that catwalk one day. I loved Bruno Mars singing 'Young Girls' and Rihanna performing 'Fresh Off The Runway'.


  1. The piano is definitely a good choice of present... you've made me think I should get back into playing it myself so one day I can live the dream and have a massive house with a grand piano <3
    Kaz x

  2. Oh hey! I'm so happy you posted this, I was literally thinking today that I want to do an 'I'm back!' kinda post, I was planning on waiting until after the exams but all this revision is taking over and I think blogging is justifiable as a bit of 'me' time haha
    Annywways glad you're back amigo ;)
    Ellen xx

  3. Hey! Thanks for your lovely comment - yeah it's all one huge scroll - Kerouac locked himself in a room and wrote the bulk of it within two weeks, or something crazy like that!


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