Thursday, 10 May 2012


Azealia Banks is my absolute favourite at the moment. The Harlem raised rapper delivers fast paced lyrics on top of catchy, bass driven beats that have had me attempting the words many-a-times. I obviously failed miserably, but that's beside the point. The self-titled 'YUNG RAPUNXEL' oozes a naturally cool demeanour and attaches an enticing ego, of which isn't fuelled by the arrogance that some female rappers withhold, but appears driven by her clear passion for what she is doing.

Fuck Up The Fun
This song has been on repeat for the past week. Although not the most complex snare beat, the percussion is such a possessive element of the track that adds an addictive hook in between verses. Opening with "who want it? Who-who want it?" the tone is set perfectly for the enticing ego that I love Azealia for. The outro is the best too. For real, for real, for real.

Slow Hands (Interpol cover)
I was pleasantly surprised when I heard this cover of Slow Hands. Showing her diversity, Azealia sings beautifully over a popping beat filled with swelling electronic notes. I love the minor tones she adds with the ornaments in her voice.

Blue Jeans (Lana Del Rey Remix)
Discovered this party popper of a song on the, quite frankly, genius twitter page that is NowBBCRadio1Extra. Azealia brings her fearless attitude to create a hip hop infused presence to the song, with the verse being enhanced by the wonderful production of Smims & Belle.

It's my mission now to find someone to go with to see Azealia Banks live. Yes UK tour dates have been announced. Yes I am darn excited even though I may be going alone. Solo rave, and what?

Having just announced via twitter that her latest single 'JUMANJI' is dropping tomorrow and with the release of a mixtape and an album in the pipeline, I can't wait to see what this female rapper has to offer.
Azealia Banks, I salute you.


  1. Oh! I love her cover of Interpol. Such a great voice!

  2. I was determined to hate her after she topped NME's cool list this year, but it bugs me how much I like her music! The lana del rey mash up is pretty good too

  3. Lovely selections, and completely agree with you regarding an abundance of rappers with arrogance and too much attitude. Thanks for your comment too, will be following your lovely blog. x

  4. heard her on skins and havent looked back since! slow hands surprised me too, such a nice singing voice. and LOVING that blue jeans remix.

  5. I like slow hands! Great :)


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