Sunday, 30 October 2011


It's almost Halloween (cue spooky oohs) and i am just pondering as to how i am going to do my hair/make-up/nails for school and for my film-a-thon tomorrow.

Having declined an invite to a party last night, albeit mainly because i wanted to watch the X Factor Halloween special, i took it upon myself to organise a spooked up film fest to have with my two friends, Ellie and Simran. I thought it would be fun to wear our pyjamas and then do crazy hair and make-up to get into the Halloween spirit. My mum even bought me a little 'Trick or Treat' pyjama top seen as i couldn't get this amazingly cool skeleton onesie from Topshop.

Oh and there will be plenty of food; i'm concocting my homemade treat (if you will) of popcorn in melted chocolate...possibly with the added surprise of jelly beans. I love how much we celebrate food at festive occasions, particularly as most of it is created with cakes and biscuits. These cutesy pumpkins and bat biscuits are so adorable.

So for school tomorrow i shall paint my nails with a gooey effect or possibly attempt a cobweb and then tease my hair a little (as if it isn't big enough already) just for funsies. yay! If i was on twitter right now i would totally be hashtagging the word excited.

Any suggestions for films to watch? Although i'm ninety-nine percent sure we won't be watching scary films, there's plenty of room for a Twilight-a-thon or a Harry Potter-a-thon...although realistically we'll probably end up watching White Chicks or something not even remotely linked to Halloween.
I'd love to know what you're doing or dressing up as!

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  1. Aw, sounds like lovely plans! I was thinking of doing something like that as well, having some friends sleep over and watching some movies and maybe making some cookies and whatnot. Hope you have fun! <3

  2. interesting lovely blog u have here :) a new follower!

  3. aha, my friend bullied me into watching White Chicks but I'll never admit to her that I enjoyed it! Whatever you end up doing I hope you have fun (:

  4. Very good plans for Halloween! my family don't do a huge amount but me and my friends dress up and go round to each others houses and stick on things like scooby doo movies or old casper the friendly ghost movies. Totally UNscary but there's a theme in there :D

  5. Sounds like you had a perfect Halloween planned. Hope you had a good evening.

  6. I love halloween, I hope you had a great time.


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